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    The app for doctors’ communication, sharing and professional growth

Why does the doctor use InEquipe?

The doctor uses InEquipe, because InEquipe is an exclusive online instrument, which enables doctors to develop an extraordinary effectiveness in sharing information and pictures; and allows them to grow in competence, membership and reputation. Do you want to understand better what it is?

For doctors only

InEquipe is a social network exclusively devoted to doctors, which means that only doctors can register free and use the app. The registration has specific methods that guarantee the exclusive presence of doctors in the network. Do you want to learn more about how to register?

Create your own virtual Team

With InEquipe, you can communicate with all the contacts included in your professional network or create virtual teams to identify and solve clinical cases by means of collaboration with other specialists in various branches and from all over the world.  There are also many other functions

Easy and complete

All the functions normally used by doctors in their job are now available in one App.


An integrated messaging system with push notifications of message reception, delivery and reading notification.

Pictures and videos

The clinical cases, as well as the discussions arising inside, can include pictures and short support videos

Teams & eQuipe

The possibility to organise the doctors of one’s own network through specialisation typologies: real virtual teams.

Clinical cases

The possibility to create or consult clinical cases submitted by other doctors. The clinical cases can be enhanced with pictures, videos, and the ability to invite other colleagues to take part in the discussion.

Case Report

The possibility of access to clinical cases submitted by other doctors and concluded with different outcomes, made available to all doctors registered to the app.

Scientific research

The possibility to insert one’s own scientific work, both as personal portfolio and in favour of all doctor colleagues using the app.

Some screenshots of inEquipe

Ease, completeness and practicality are the guidelines, which have inspired the creation of the InEquipe interface, with the objective of providing a work instrument, which helps the doctor to increase membership, competence and professional standing.

Do you want to stay informed about InEquipe?

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