inEquipe functions

InEquipe allows doctors to use in just one app all the communication functions that they already use in a fragmented way on different applications. The integration between these different functions has been planned especially to solve the specific needs of doctors and healthcare settings.

Below, a list of the available functions with InEquipe version 1. If you want to be informed about the development and release of the app, fill in this form


An integrated messaging system with push notifications of message reception, delivery and reading notification.

Pictures and videos

The clinical cases, as well as the discussions arising inside, can include pictures and short support videos

Teams & eQuipe

The possibility to organise the doctors of one’s own network through specialisation typologies: real virtual teams.

Clinical cases

The possibility to create or consult clinical cases submitted by other doctors. The clinical cases can be enhanced with pictures, videos, and the ability to invite other colleagues to take part in the discussion.

Case Report

The possibility of access to clinical cases submitted by other doctors and concluded with different outcomes, made available to all doctors registered to the app.

Scientific research

The possibility to insert one’s own scientific work, both as personal portfolio and in favour of all doctor colleagues using the app.